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Source: Co-operative

Region: Northern Peru – Amazon

Department: Amazonas

Elevation: 400-1000m

Yearly Rainfall: ~2300mm (91 inches)

Genetics: Mainly Native and Criollos

Harvest Season: May – Aug (major); Dec – Jan (minor)

Tasting Notes: From fruity to nutty; long complex range.

Fermentation Style: 6 days in Tornillo hardwood boxes; daily bean rotation after first 2 days.

Drying Style: 6-8 days – Start in sun, finish in shade. On tarps and mesh drying shelves.

Hailing from the northern jungle of Peru, and made up mostly of Native and Criollo varieties, this bean’s flavour profile expresses a long, complex range from fruity to nutty and gets its name from the regional farmers that harvest it: the Awajún tribe (and the Huambisa tribe).

The curious thing about this bean origin is that it was never commercialized, but in recent years has become more popular outside the department of Amazonas and internationally. This is thanks in part to government-funded projects directed at increasing the Awajún/Huambisa community’s knowledge of the regenerative cacao farming process. And since the men and women of these tribes have more traditional gender roles—men hunting and fishing, while women farm, cook, and tend to kids—it’s the women of this region that are becoming the cacao “experts” (teaching the men how to farm), and becoming the primary breadwinners, leading the charge in what is a growing contributor to the local economy. So much so, that co-operatives of this region are mainly run and managed by women.

They’re seeing firsthand how cultivating quality cacao can empower an entire region and lead to better infrastructure, like hospitals and schools, and overall better living conditions.

So, when you purchase this cacao, your chocolate won’t just taste good, but feel good, too.



5kg boxes available in our shop. For any other volumes, please contact us.

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