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Santo Domingo

Source: Direct farmer trade and Association of Producers

Region: Central south jungle

Department: Junín

Elevation: 400-700m

Yearly Rainfall: 2450 mm (96.5 inches)

Genetics: Local Natives mixed with Criollos and Trinitarios

Harvest Season: Mar - Aug

Tasting Notes: Fruity and floral with herbal notes.

Fermentation Style: 6-7 days in Tornillo hardwood boxes; daily bean rotation after first 2 days.

Drying Style: 6-8 days – sun then shade dried. On tarps and mesh drying shelves.

Say “hello” to the Santo Domingo bean. A fruity, floral, and herbal cacao cultivated at 400-700m in a valley of the same name where the Ene river passes through the department of Junín.

This cacao origin is made up mostly of aromatic Local Natives, including: VRAE-15, VRAE-99, and ICS-95. To be a little more precise, VRAE and ICS genetics make up roughly 70% and 15% of this natural mix, respectively, with other Trinitarios and Criollos making up the rest. 

What makes the Santo Domingo bean particularly interesting is the role it’s played in reshaping the troubled VRAE region. Historically, this has been an area with considerable coca leaf production—a crop with various medicinal functions that’s inextricably linked to the Indigenous way of life which, unfortunately, also happens to be the main ingredient in cocaine. As a way of freeing people from the oppressive farming conditions and to disrupt the illicit cocaine supply chain, the Peruvian government alongside other international governments have been incentivizing alternative crop growing, like coffee and cacao.

For over 15 years, this international collaboration has assisted farmers with networking, infrastructure, management, security, and certifications (organic), helping the people of this region achieve more dependable income, more environmentally sustainable farming practices, and a better way of life.

And we (you and us) are experiencing the vast progress this area has made firsthand. Working directly with farmers and a small farmer association that has established and consistent post harvest practices has allowed us to place their fine-flavour cacao into the international markets. 

It’s associations like these that have helped improve the lives of its members and their community. And it’s cacao like this that will most certainly improve the quality of the chocolate you’re about to make.



5kg boxes available in our shop. For any other volumes please contact us.

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