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Source: Fermenting centre

Region: Central jungle

Department: Ucayali

Elevation: 150-550m

Yearly Rainfall: ~2200mm (86.6 inches)

Genetics: Trinitarios with Natives and some Criollos

Harvest Season: Apr – Aug (major); Nov – Dec (minor)

Tasting Notes: Red fruits, mandarin, prunes with hints

of floral.

Fermentation Style: 6-7 days in Tornillo hardwood boxes; daily bean rotation after first 2 days.

Drying Style: 6-8 days: sun then shade dried. On tarps and mesh drying shelves.

Genetically speaking, the Ucayali bean origin is made up of some Criollos and Trinitarios and various Native cacaos that have yet to be fully scientifically identified and classified, but are likely of the varieties Contamana, Huallaga, Iquitos, and Nanay. An intriguing genetic mix resulting in a fine-flavoured cacao that’s brimming with red fruit, mandarin, and prune flavours, and floral notes.

This bean is cultivated and harvested by various communities that live along the Ucayali River. They’re brought to gathering centres in Curimana, Tournavista, Contamana, San Alejandro, Puerto Inca, and a few other places, where they go through a well-controlled fermentation process. From there, thanks to the Ucayali River, they’re shipped to Pucallpa, Peru’s second most important jungle port. It is here where this bean origin gets an initial QA process. The beans are then transported by land to our plant on the coast where they undergo an additional QA process, manual selection, and are prepared for exporting. 

Thanks to the logistical advantages of the Ucayali River and the roads that were finished in 1945 connecting Pucallpa to Lima, we’re now able to access what was once an incredibly isolated area. And thanks to Lima and the wonders of modern shipping, we can now deliver one of Peru’s exquisite fine-flavoured cacaos directly to you for all your chocolate-making needs.



5kg boxes available in our shop. For any other volumes please contact us.

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